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The high unemployment rate of young people, as shown by the Eurostat data 2019, with EU media of 35,2%, reveals Italy to possess 42,7%, Greece – 40,6%, Bulgaria – 35,8%, and Latvia – 30,4%. Despite the transformations of the worldwide economy that led to the need for digital skills for nearly all jobs where ICT complements the existing tasks,  the percentage of young people who have basic or above basic overall digital skills in 2019 are 51% in Greece, 43% in Latvia, 42% in Italy and 29% in Bulgaria.

To cope with this situation, several key competencies facilitate young people’s transition to the job market and future career prospects. Entrepreneurship education, as one of these, is recognized as the supporting tool for young people to develop a general set of competencies applicable in all walks of life. This means acquiring the ‘the ability to think critically, take initiative, problem-solve and work collaboratively’.

Therefore, real-world experience, through problem-based learning and enterprise links, should be embedded across all disciplines and tailored to all levels of education to create new opportunities for business creation as a career destination.

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