IO1 Framework to integrate entrepreneurial and STEM skills through design thinking approach.

This is an overview focused on how to reinforce and improve entrepreneurial and STEM skills through the
design thinking approach and 3D learning game scenarios. It describes the criteria and procedure used by the Research and Education Team (RET) to identify the mapping of the entrepreneurial skills required in STEM subjects in secondary school at the national level and by the job market.

IO2 STEM and entrepreneurial skills reinforcement through 3D serious games environment.

This intellectual output describes the contents and the learning objects to be produced for the training for teachers in preparation for the piloting phase with their students and the learning scenarios to be used in the Students’ Learning Environment. It is tailored to the needs and learning processes of young students and is constituted by highly
adaptable and accessible content.

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Entrepreneurship education is recognized as the supporting tool for young people to develop a general set of competencies applicable in all walks of life. This means acquiring the ‘the ability to think critically, take initiative, problem-solve and work collaboratively’.

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TEAMSTAR Students’ Game Environment Manual

IO3 Outputs and Recommendations on STEM and entrepreneurship education.

This outcome describes all the activities realized, the outputs reached during the piloting phase by using the Teachers’ Platform and the Students’ Learning Environment. It analyzes the results achieved and it provides a comparison of the expected and the achieved results taking into all piloting activities finalized.

IO3 Outputs and Recommendations on STEM and entrepreneurship education

English, Latvian, Bulgarian, Italian and Greece