Enhancing enTreprenEuriAl steM Skill for new digiTal cAreeRs (TEAM_STAR)

Enhancing enTreprenEuriAl steM Skill for new digiTal cAreeRs (TEAM_STAR)
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On the 29th October 2021 a TEAM_STAR meeting was held at the ITS Bianchini in Terracina, Italy.

At the meeting were present the following representatives of all organizations involved in the project as follows:

  • LCC, LV- Gita Seņka
  • CERI, BG – Yanislav Zhelev, Mariya Monova-Zheleva
  • UTH, GR – Olivier Heidmann , Kostas Katsimentes 
  • ITS Bianchini – Giuseppina Izzo (IT Bianchini HeadMaster), Simona Ciocia, Annamaria Falovo, Leonilde Cutillo, Roberto Simonelli, Danilo Mastracco , Antonio Mattacchioni, Barbara Bellomo, Alberto Forte 
  • EU-Track, IT – Michela Tramonti, Alden Meirzhanovich Dochshanov 
  • PREMJERS, LV- Poļina Čumičova
  • TG Burgas, BG – Radosveta Chepova, Pavel Chepov 

The meeting started at 9.30 EET just after that an interview to a regional Lazio TV on the main aspects of the project was made.

Gita Senka, TEAM_STARs Project Coordinator, chaired the meeting.  

The meeting covered the main aspects of the project current development status: 

1) IO1 finalization

2) Start of IO2 development

3) Technical and administrative issues.  

Polina Čumičova showed the IO1 development process and final results. 

Then Michela Tramonti was invited to present the concept of development of IO2.

She stated the most important aspects of design thinking scenarios. Five stages development were explained and a Design Thinking Project development template was suggested.

Partners were introduced to a technical part of IO2 development.

Olivier Heidmann from Panepistimio Thessalias held this presentation about Design Thinking platform. 

Afterwards the meeting participants were introduced to the TeamStar Design Thinking collaboration platform.

The second session of the project started with a presentation of the design thinking approach utilized in a virtual platform. The partners were given a first insight of the 3D entrepreneurship game.

As a next agenda point Leonilde Cutillo (ITS Bianchini) presented the current state of the project in a dissemination strategy implementation and the partners were informed about the next phases of the dissemination steps. 

Mariya Monova-Zheleva informed the partners about the project quality management plan. Overall satisfaction has been achieved amongst partners regarding implementation of the project activities.

As a final presentation Gita Seņka informed the partners about the current financial state of the project.

Afterwards, the TO DO list was finalized with the details of all the deadlines and lists of activities that will need to be updated after the virtual meetings or e-mail correspondence, which will be conducted on regular basis.

 Finally, the Project Coordinator Gita Senka expressed gratitude on behalf of the host organization for the hard work done and active participation of the attendants.

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