Meeting – ITS Bianchini Italy 29th October 2021

On the 29th of October 2021, a TEAM_STAR meeting was held at the ITS Bianchini in Terracina, Italy.

At the meeting were present the following representatives of all organizations involved in the project as follows:

  • LCC, LV- Gita Seņka
  • CERI, BG – Yanislav Zhelev, Mariya Monova-Zheleva
  • UTH, GR – Olivier Heidmann , Kostas Katsimentes 
  • ITS Bianchini – Giuseppina Izzo (IT Bianchini HeadMaster), Simona Ciocia, Annamaria Falovo, Leonilde Cutillo, Roberto Simonelli, Danilo Mastracco , Antonio Mattacchioni, Barbara Bellomo, Alberto Forte 
  • EU-Track, IT – Michela Tramonti, Alden Meirzhanovich Dochshanov 
  • PREMJERS, LV- Poļina Čumičova
  • TG Burgas, BG – Radosveta Chepova, Pavel Chepov 

This was the first project meeting in a project period so far, organised in the face to face modality. Partners from all partner centres were represented in the meeting and the main question of the agenda covered the following main aspects of the project current development status: 1) Presentation of the development and results of IO1, 2) State of the art and further development of the IO2 and 3) Technical and administrative issues.

The most important outcomes were: – presentation of the theoretical basis of IO2 development;- agreement on Design thinking project development template – introduction to the technical part of IO2 development (3D games platform), its functionality and appropriateness for testing purposes.


This section is addressed to collect all the newsletters drawn up by the project team during the project realization.

They are a part of the dissemination and promotion activities of the TEAM_STAR project and are available in English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

First Newsletter: English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

Second Newsletter: English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

Third Newsletter: English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

Multilingual Project Brochure

In order to disseminate and exploit the TEAM_STAR project, all partners present general information on project objectives, activities, and results as well as the TEAM_STAR approach to the targeted stakeholders in secondary and wider school education at meetings, organizations, local seminars and international conferences.

This goal is supported by the preparation and publication of brochures and posters.

Project brochurefirst version in English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

Project brochuresecond version in English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

Project piloting brochure in English, Latvian, Bulgarian, Italian and Greek

Poster in: English, Latvian, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek.

The 2nd Project Meeting – 20th April 2021

The 2nd project meeting was organised online on April, 20th. The aim was to discuss the finalization of the framework combining entrepreneurship and STEM skills development and the 3D virtual environment features for designing the learning scenarios to be validated in secondary schools.

Kick-off Meeting – 15th January 2021

During the meeting, the project aims and the three intellectual outputs to be carried out were described, and the project members discussed the tasks distribution and the project deadlines.

Participants were: CPLatvijas Kulturas Akademijas Agentura (Latvia); Centre for Education and Innovations – CERI (Bulgaria); Profesionalna Gimnazia Po Mehanoelektrtehnika I Elektronika (Bulgaria); PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS (Greece); EU-Track (Italy); ITS « Arturo Bianchini » (Italy); ISMA vidusskola Premjers (Latvia).