TEAM_STAR Project promoted through LAZIO TV (Italy)

The TEAM_STAR Project was presented through an interview with the Principal of ITS A. Bianchini, Dr Giuseppina Izzo, the project coordinator, Gita Senka from Latvia Culture College (Latvia) and Michela Tramonti, PhD, a partner member of the multidisciplinary research centre, EU-Track (Italy) at LAZIO TV.

Please, click here to watch the entire interview.

The 3rd project meeting

The 3rd project meeting was organized on the 29th of October 2021 at the ITS A. Bianchini in Terracina, Italy.

The main questions of the agenda covered the following aspects of the project current development status: 1) Presentation of the development and results of IO1, 2) State of the art and further development of the IO2 and 3) Technical and administrative issues.

TEAM_STAR Presentation at ErasmusDays 2021

As part of the European Erasmusdays 2021 initiative, the EU-Track Association, in collaboration with the “Maria Montessori” Comprehensive Institute of Terracina organised on October 15th 2021 a seminar for school managers, teaching and non-teaching staff and all those interested in deepening the perspectives offered by the new European Erasmus+ programming.

During the online event, Michela Tramonti, PhD presented the TEAM_STAR project including information about the partnership, the general aims and the tasks to be carried out.

TEAM_STAR Project at DiPP2021 International Conference

Michela Tramonti, PhD and Alden M. Dochshanov, PhD, members of the multidisciplinary research centre, EU-Track (Italy), presented the TEAM_STAR project with the paper “Game environment and thinking approach for new digital careers” at DIPP 2021 international conference held on 24th September in Burgas (Bulgaria) in face-to-face and online modalities.

The 2nd project meeting

The 2nd project meeting was organised online on April, 20th. The aim was to discuss the finalization of the framework combining entrepreneurship and STEM skills development and the 3D virtual environment features for designing the learning scenarios to be validated in secondary schools.

Kick-off Meeting

After a welcome talk and opening, all the partners presented their organizations and the project activities were started up.

During the meeting, the project aims and the three intellectual outputs to be carried out were described, and the project members discussed the tasks distribution and the project deadlines.

Participants were: CPLatvijas Kulturas Akademijas Agentura (Latvia); Centre for Education and Innovations – CERI (Bulgaria); Profesionalna Gimnazia Po Mehanoelektrtehnika I Elektronika (Bulgaria); PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS (Greece)
EU-Track (Italy); ITS « Arturo Bianchini » (Italy); ISMA vidusskola Premjers (Latvia)