Center for Education Research and Innovation /CERI/ has been founded by highly qualified specialists from different Bulgarian Universities and research organisations in order to meet the business needs for the provision of tailored training offers (formal, non-formal and informal learning) along with the rapidly growing recent years urgent need to develop and manage innovation as well as their implementation in the activities and processes of small and medium-sized businesses. The Center has established a set of good practices and high business standards which the organisation has always firmly adhered to. For the success of its undertake, CERI strongly relies on the excellent performance of its staff who are key experts in the domains such as:

  • Development of relevant training programs and courses in specific topics which are delivered to the end users through variety of methods and approached such as blended methodology, pure online courses, on-the-job training and VET offer;
  • Providing training for employees in SMEs (micro, small and medium sized enterprises);
  • Setting up and provision training for employees in the SEM on the base of modern pedagogical approaches;
  • Provision of professional consultancy ;
  • R&D activities at the department of innovation management methods and instruments for innovation processes which are adjusted and especially adapted to SME requirements.