LCC is an educational institution under the supervision of the Latvian Cultural Academy, which provides the possibility for individuals, having obtained secondary education, to acquire a first-level vocational higher education and a fourth level of professional qualifications, as well as to engage in science, research and artistic innovation in accordance with the profile of study programmes and ensure the opportunities for further education and the acquisition of adult education. LCC is a state-founded higher education institution and its strategic objectives are aimed at ensuring the sustainable development and capacity of Latvia as a cultural and language-based national state.

LCCs development priorities and achieved expertise  are :  

  • Providing  high quality education in line with labour market requirements trough consideration interdisciplinary nature of study programmes and their capabilities.
  • Competitive creative and artistic activities and research;
  • Sustainable and collaborative partnerships;  
  • Providing excellence in  knowledge and skills needed of technology development (STEM and creative industries).